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How do Pornstars avoid getting STDs in the adult industry?

People all across the planet love watching porn. But if you were to ask most of them, they would tell you they don’t like to think about any of the pornstars contracting STDs. After all, sexually transmitted diseases is a subject that diminishes sexual desires. It’s one of the reasons you seldom see any sex scenes where the actors use condoms. Coincidentally, even with a condom on STDs can still be contracted. In fact, many adult performers agree that there is no such thing as protected sex. More so when it applies to the porn industry since so much of it goes on.

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Truth is that STDs are very real for those that work in the industry; whether viewers like it or not. It’s a problem no only for female vixens, but male actors as well. These adult film stars have to do all they can to protect themselves. Still, how exactly do these people go about doing so? What precautions or measures are taken by them to avoid contracting any STDs? To get answers to these and other related questions, several porn stars were interviewed. Some of them have performed in hundreds of porn videos which can be found in adult sites. One of them is Brazzers which has some of the world’s hottest and sexiest adult film actresses.

Get Tested Beforehand

The worst mistake the majority of people make when it comes to STDs is waiting to get tested. That means that until something appears wrong with them, they avoid doing so. Adult performers warn against this practice. They all agree that people need to get tested for sexual transmitted diseases – and other issues – before. Whether they think they might have something or not is irrelevant.

Learn About Other STD Testing

The porn industry has its own testing method called PCR RNA. They use this to test their performers for HIV. However, there are new testing systems in place which are faster. They can detect and reveal the HVI infection within seven to ten days. PCR RNA and others take up to 28 days and sometimes months to detect an infection. The previous are more expensive which is why the adult industry and other doctors do not use it.

Have Tests Done Regularly

Getting tested for STI is something most people don’t look forward to. That can present a danger for regular folks. For those that work in the porn world, it is even greater. It’s why experts and pornstars recommend getting tested frequently. The more often you get tested, the likelier you are to be aware of any problems. Several well-known porn stars who work for adult production company BangBros say they try to do it as frequent as possible.